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The Top Twelve Reasons to Live in East Vancouver

Known for its diversity, East Vancouver has traditionally been the more affordable side of town. In recent years however, it’s also become highly desireable for its lifestyle.

The Main Street/Mount Pleasant district has exploded with shops, restaurants and nighlife, rivalling The Drive—as Commercial Drive and surroundings, the heart of East Van, is known—for culture. Expression of the arts abounds, including through East Van’s famous murals, as well as its live music scene. Then there are the Yeast Van and Brewery Creek neighbourhoods, homes to some of the highest concentrations of craft breweries in North America. All of this is bringing young, vibrant families to East Van.

With that said, here are our Top Twelve Reasons to live in East Vancouver, British Columbia!

  1. Colourful and ethnic neighbourhoods

  2. Mostly residential with families with children and young adults

  3. Many beautiful parks in almost every neighbourhood

  4. Plenty of shopping with large malls and eclectic stores to choose from

  5. Homes for sale are less expensive than West Vancouver real estate

  6. Down to earth, laid back warm and friendly people

  7. Vibrant Arts and Music Communities

  8. Fantastic selection of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

  9. Many diverse and affordable groceries along Commercial Drive and China Town

  10. Home to a growing number of Craft Beer Breweries

  11. A great Transit System, by bus or Rapid Transit you are minutes from anywhere in Vancouver

  12. Lots of commercial space and business areas

The area has always been known as “East Van” or the “East Side” of Vancouver BC.  It is bordered to the north by Burrard Inlet. To the south by the Fraser River, and the east by the city of Burnaby and to the west by Main Street.  Do a property search to see all the current homes for sale.

East Vancouver was once affordable for the lower-income working class.  Family income, ethnicity and mother tongue summarize its diversity. The rapid increase in housing prices may be affecting the type of residents moving in recently.

Each neigbourhood has its ethnic identity.   This distinct identity has many healthy, active ethnic communities. There are vibrant artistic residents as well as a politically active youth population.

What’s it like to Live in East Vancouver?

Rapid Transit System:

The SkyTrain is the oldest and longest fully automated driverless rapid transit system in the world.  The SkyTrain rapid transit system (current Expo Line) was built in 1985 for Expo 86 and to connect downtown Vancouver to Surrey with five SkyTrain stations in East Vancouver.  The most prized real estate in East Vancouver is near the Skytrain Stations.  New Condo Developments and townhouses are rapidly increasing. 

Growing Housing Market:

In 2007, the typical housing price of a single-detached house in East Vancouver was $627,758 (a 9% increase over the previous year and a 90% increase over the previous five years).

Increased housing prices have caused significant positive changes in East Vancouver, such as keeping existing residents, increased affordable housing options like condos, laneway houses, and townhomes.  More residential investment, more community-pride events like neighbourhood clean-ups, block parties, and community gardening.  Resulting in a greater tax base for new amenities such as Libraries and street lighting.

There are many pockets of New business ventures catering to the new gentries moving into the area.   The East Van neighbourhoods are becoming well known for their Craft Beer breweries on Commercial drive, Adanac and Clarke drive.

There are Many East Side Parks and Recreation Areas:

  • Trout Lake the only lake in the city, with one end dedicated to humans and the other end for dogs to swim in. 
  • Modern park grounds and fun park at Hastings Park
  • The large and wild Everett Crowley Park
  • Kensington Park, where many wedding photographs are taken against the stunning backdrop of the city and the North Shore Mountains,
  • The bustling Renfrew Community Park
  • The diverse Strathcona Park with its skatepark and climbing wall 
  • The multi-use Memorial Park, which is dedicated to soldiers who died in WW1 and today provides many spaces for sports teams and neighbours alike.
  • Another park is the Falaise Park on the border of Burnaby and Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver identifies these communities as being entirely in the East Vancouver area: 

Grandview-WoodlandHastings-SunriseKensington-Cedar Cottage and Sunset

KillarneyKingswayThe Olympic VillageRenfrew-Collingwood,
Riley ParkStrathcona
and Victoria-Fraserview.

But we’ve got many more; check out our East Vancouver Map of Neighbourhoods page for our full listing.

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